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Hydrogen, Carbon-free and Carbon-neutral Fuel Enabled Large Engine Applications

Programm / Ausschreibung IPCEI, IPCEI, IPCEI Hydrogen Ausschreibung 2022 Status laufend
Projektstart 01.09.2021 Projektende 31.08.2026
Zeitraum 2021 - 2026 Projektlaufzeit 60 Monate
Keywords IPCEI Hydrogen Engines


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The main objectives are the development and industrialisation of fuel-injection equipment (FIE) for hydrogen and hydrogen-based (CO2-free/neutral) fuels for large engine (LE) applications. The targeted technologies will tackle different (i) LE segments (Marine, C&I, Railways and Power Generation). It will cover certain (ii) fuel types (hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia) and will facilitate varying (iii) stages of the transformation towards CO2-neutral large engines (incl. dual fuel and retrofit solutions).