Deep Neural Network Techniques for Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Programm / Ausschreibung FORPA, Forschungspartnerschaften NATS/Ö-Fonds, FORPA NFTE2018 Status laufend
Projektstart 01.01.2019 Projektende 31.12.2021
Zeitraum 2019 - 2021 Projektlaufzeit 36 Monate
Keywords Predictive Maintenance, Deep Learning, Explainable AI


The goal of Deep RUL is to investigate the application of Deep Learning techniques for the prediction of machine health indicators, such as Remaining Useful Life (RUL) or Time to Failure (TTF). Specifically, it will (i) develop novel methods for automated construction of health indicators, (ii) investigate methods for explaining predictions resulting from DL models, and (iii) research DL-informed decision making strategies.