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Psychoacoustic assessment framework for squeak & rattle phenomena in automotive components

Programm / Ausschreibung FORPA, Forschungspartnerschaften NATS/Ö-Fonds, FORPA NFTE2018 Status abgeschlossen
Projektstart 01.10.2018 Projektende 30.09.2022
Zeitraum 2018 - 2022 Projektlaufzeit 48 Monate
Keywords NVH, squeak & rattle noise, psychoacoustics, seatbelt retractor


The main aim of the presented doctoral research is hence to consolidate fragmented state-of-the-art across the research areas and identify synergies to integrate them into one seamless workflow. The main objective is the development of an assessment framework for psychoacoustic evaluation of automotive components. This methodology allows the full system to be sub-structured into sub-systems and components, which are subsequently analysed using both experimental and computational techniques. Finally, psychoacoustic metrics will be developed to assess the subjective effect of squeak & rattle phenomena of selected automotive components.