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Formulating sustainable urban FWE strategy by optimizing the synergies between food, water and energy systems

Programm / Ausschreibung ENERGIE DER ZUKUNFT, JPI Urban Europe, ERANET Co-fund Smart Cities/Urban Futures 2016 Status abgeschlossen
Projektstart 01.05.2018 Projektende 31.10.2021
Zeitraum 2018 - 2021 Projektlaufzeit 42 Monate
Keywords Integrated FWE Modelling Framework, Sustainable Urban FWE Strategy, Optimization of Synergies between FWE Systems, FWE Demand and Supply Analysis, Policy Guidelines for Designing Sustainable FWE Strategy


The SUNEX project establishes an integrated modelling framework of advanced tools to model and assess the FWE systems’ demand and supply sides and capture their interdependencies through a nexus view that endorses sustainable and efficient solutions for energy, water and food supply for urban regions - of city and surrounding peri-urban areas. The FWE-Nexus concept will serve as central approach to ensure coherent solutions on sustainable use and management.
SUNEX will be applied in the cities Berlin, Bristol, Doha and Vienna, reflecting different socio-economic and climate characteristics and addressing local and remote resource uses among the full FWE supply chains. Starting from the current situation and in co-design with local stakeholders and urban policy makers, future evolution of urban FWE demand and supply will be projected based on consistent scenarios reflecting the prospective future socio-economic and technological development of the considered cities. Moreover, seven selected SDGs are addressed and existing trade-offs and synergies will be identified to ensure inclusive sustainable urban FWE strategies. The scenario results will be analysed to identify possible implementation measures for improvement.
In co-creation with stakeholders and decision makers policy guidelines for the design of sustainable FWE strategies and governance for urban areas will be formulated.